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For those you unlucky souls that haven't discovered the Roots Rock Radio podcast, improve your life 110% and subscribe here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/roots-rock-radio/id73330565

We make loud noises that we call punk rock songs.  

Outbreaks occur frequently in and around the Nation's Capital - from Charm City (that's Baltimore hon') to Star City (that's Roanoke brother).  

Toured the South from Music City (that's Nashville y'all) to Sin City (that's Las Vegas boss).  

Give us a shout.

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Way to go Mom: Physical CD - Remastered
  • Way to go Mom: Physical CD - Remastered

Way to go Mom: Physical CD - Remastered

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Visit Grimace Records [https://www.grimacerecords.com/] to purchase and download for $9.99. Or, go old school and order this to get a bonus hidden track not available on the download version, lyrics, and a plastic jewel case!!!

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T-shirt On Board
  • T-shirt On Board

T-shirt On Board


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Babies with Rabies +++

aDAMS mORGAN dAY fEST, sUN tRUST sTAGE, Washington, DC

ALL DAY Peace Concert ALL DAY

Franklin Square Park, Washington DC

Starts at Noon: Rodney Henry, No Dead Monsters, Un Subs, Refuge Beat Poets Collective, After Action Review, Known Deon, Infinite Skillz, DJ Rickey Spadez, The Originators, The Xiles, Matt Bistok Banned, Ben Grosscup, Bread is Rising Poetry Collective, Miles Megaciph, Luci Murphey, Speakers from PPEHRC and National Coalition for the Homeless.

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